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10 Amazing Benefits of Yoga Shared by Stacey Okparavero

Flexibility is not one of my strong points. Not even when I go to the ym. I am so afraid of pushing the limits cos I fear that a little twist or shift in the right direction and I could be on my way to an eternal life of pain. Hence, Yoga has been one sport that I only admire. If there was any part of it that I tried to do every now and again, it is probably the breathing part of yoga. However, all that perception has changed after my little chat with Stacey Okparavero.Stacey Okparavero

Stacey is a self trained yoga instructor. She started out in 2010 but deepened her interest in 2013 while trying to find alternative ways in managing asthma. During her research, she found out that, not only could she suppress asthma with yoga, there were other amazing health benefits that comes when you do the yoga. They include;

  1. Increased flexibility.
  2. Increased muscle strength and tone.
  3. Improved respiration, energy and vitality.
  4. Helps maintain a balanced metabolism.
  5. Weight reduction.
  6. Cardio and circulatory health.
  7. Improved athletic performance.
  8. Protection from injury.
  9. Improved concentration and mental alertness.
  10. Improved immunity

Speaking of immunity, it is quite interesting to know that Stacey has not had any symptoms of malaria in the past 5 years. She says, “consistency is key”. Stacey’s love for yoga is what brought her back to Nigeria in 2015 as she wanted to change the conception that people might have had about the exercise. She teaches Acro vinyasa yoga,Yin yoga, fertility yoga, yoga for asthma and many tailored classes like yoga getaways and destination yoga to create a holistic immersive yoga experience, as she is heavily research and practice based. She has also taught in Dakar, London and Paris.

As we celebrate International Yoga Day, you could take time out to join any of Stacey’s yoga classes. She has group classes as well as personal classes. To reach her, use the following details below:
+234 (0)7088595402
IG. Yoga_with_stacey

Now that I know yoga can make me more flexible and less prone to injuries, I will consider joinig Stacey’s beginners’ yoga classes. It should help me distress and relax all the tension that any part of my body feels. I also see that she has some kind of yoga for the belly. So, get out your mats and beat that belly for the crop tops you may want to rock this summer.Oma Ehiri


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