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10 Cool Things You Can Do With Google Search Daily

Make Google search a part of your daily lifestyle!

It is no longer news that millions of people use Google search to get information daily. What you may not know, are the other cool things Google search can do for you using its image, web, video, maps and more tabs. In this post, we share some of these cool things.

Here are 10 cool things you can do with Google Search Daily.

1.Search for Jobs

Use Google search to find jobs

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Google search is a quick and easy way to find your next job, whether it is a full time, part-time or an internship. By searching for “jobs near me” or specifically for the job position you seek, you can find options that you are interested in and apply for them.

2. Find lyrics

music notes and lyrics using Google search

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Whether it is a new or an old release, you can be sure to find the lyrics to the song using Google search. By typing, ‘song name’ plus “lyrics” in the search bar, you get the lyrics displayed at the top of the search results page. This is useful for fans, music lovers, during karaoke, or for a chorister who wishes to learn the lyrics of a song. Here is a sample of what you may find.

3. Get weather Updatesget weather updates using Google search

Dressing up can be a lot easier when you know what the weather condition for the day. With Google search, you can get weather updates for any city. Simply search “weather” plus “city name”, and the day you are interested in, to get the current forecast. This is equally great when planning a trip.

4. Use Google Search as a Stop Watchstop watch

Did you know that Google Search provides a personal timekeeper that helps you measure the speed of activity? While stopwatches are great for sporting events, you can use the stopwatch to time yourself as you work. Just type “timer’” or “stopwatch” into the search box.

5. Get recipes for meals

find recipes using Google search

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Improve your cooking skills by searching for recipes on Google Search. You will get web and video results for meal recipes as well as drink recipes. For instance, if you search for Palm oil rice, you are likely to find a video like this one featured on Oma Ehiri’s YouTube Channel.

6. Know more about your food and drink calories

get food and drink calories using Google search

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These days, almost everyone is conscious of their diet but some are even more determined to know the calorie content of the food and drinks that they consume. One of the cool things you can do with Google search is to check up information about the food you are planning to eat.  Search for specific information to determine the calories in your food. For instance, try searching for how many calories are in rice.

7. Get real-time game scores

get football scores using Google search

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For sport fans, Google Search provides real-time information about ongoing games. You can also search for the name of a sports team or league to get a summary of recent matches.

8. Search by voice

Google voice

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Don’t want to type? Use voice search instead. This is definitely one thing to try. Simply click on the microphone icon, say what you want to search for, and watch Google reveal the results. You can find the microphone icon on the right-hand side of the Google Search bar. Try it and let us know how that works.

9. Discover fun activities

online games

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Take a break with Google Search and play games or enjoy other fun activities. Try a one-minute breathing exercise by typing, “breathing exercise” in the search bar. This helps you to calm down and refocus your brain in-between work hours or when you need to meditate. You can also play games like Atari Breakout, Google Pacman, Solitaire, or Snake by simply searching for them. Isn’t this cool?

10. Learn about health conditions

getting prescription for a health condition

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Google has collaborated with a team of medical experts from institutions such as the University of Ibadan and the Mayo Clinic to ensure that medical facts gathered represent real-life clinical knowledge. With this, you can search for health conditions and be informed of symptoms and possible treatment in Google Search using Health Knowledge Panels. Even with the health information available via Google Search, users are advised to consult a medical professional regarding actual health concerns.

Which of these cool things is new to you?


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