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10 Facts Every Couple Should Know About The Wedding Day

Adisa Olumide, creative director of Omide Photography shares 10 facts every couple should know about the wedding day;

  1. Ten minutes before the ceremony is the most nerve-racking part: As you get closer to the time, the anxiety heightens.
  2. The ceremony is the best part: By the ceremony, we mean the reception. By this time, the viws have been taken and you are now chilled to get your dancing shoes on.
  3. You will most likely cry: Get your box of tissues handy. This is not peculiar to just the women. Hence, men, don’t take this for granted. Her gown or her vows could bring you to tears.
  4. Your face will hurt: After a full day of smiling and laughing so hard, your face will most definitely hurt.
  5. You will be amazed by the love and support of your family friends: Whether they came to celebrate you or for the jollof rice, the support will be overwhelming.
  6. You will crave a little alone time: This does not mean that you are not happy to see everyone but a little part of you looks forward to the moment you have your spouse all to yourself.
  7. You might be exhausted: This is why you deserve the honeymoon and recommend that you take time off work few days to the wedding day so that you have enough time after the wedding to rest.
  8. It won’t go as planned: Scary but very true. You need to make alternative plans.
  9. The most magcal moment will be when you least expect it: Weddings are somewhat scripted because there is  aprogram but the magic happens when you least expect it.
  10. You will feel different![hr gap=”1″]

Adisa Olumide is the Creative Director and founder of Omide Photography. A Photography house that shoots events, weddings, fashion and lifestyle images. Though resident in Lagos, they are available to travel. To reach them, contact 08154457363 or 08082979306. Also available to chat via WhatsApp on 08062936016. Email address is Instagram: @omidephotography.

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