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10 Ways To Spoil Your Dad on Father’s Day

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We rarely ever celebrate our dads as most of the focus has shifted to empowering and liberating the women. At least, our dads get a day dedicated to celebrate their un-negotiable roles in our lives. Reality check: Without their sperm, our eggs won’t get fertilized and thus, no babies will be formed. That was our creator’s design.

So, what would you be doing for your dad today or, what will you get for him? I did ask someone for ideas on what can be done or gotten especially if you haven’t gotten anything yet and you are stuck. Here are some of the ideas that he gave me……

If you missed giving dad breakfast in bed, you can make up for that. Make dad his favorite meal today and leave the conventional meals he would have had for Sunday lunch. Make sure to serve the lunch in a well laid table with flowers and maybe a note on the table to let him know why you are preparing such a special lunch for him which is, ‘Because he is special’.

A good one will cost about 35,000 Naira and I am guessing dad is worth it if you have the bucks. If you don’t, there are other options so, do not panic.

With the Creed perfume or the Tom Ford which I love so much, you sure can never go wrong. Get the 50ml and I think the perfume stores at the mall ought to be opened so, grab one for dad.

Well, this is the easiest gift item you can actually get for dad. A nice shirt for him to wear to work tomorrow isn’t a bad idea. At least, he will love to show it off to his colleagues so, you win!

African Fabric
The first one that comes to mind is Daviva. I see their stores in quite a number of places so, it won’t be so hard to locate one that will open today. Pick the patterns carefully having in mind that it is for a man.

He may have a lot but that extra one from you on father’s day will be special.

They always need a belt to throw round their waist after putting on that beautiful pair of trouser. Make his look complete. Get dad a belt…. What is his favorite; black or brown?

Men don’t usually get as many shoes as women but they sure appreciate a good pair of shoe when they have one. Got that bucks to spend, get dad a nice pair.

Leave that for the mums. Let them take their man out and let them know how much they appreciate the men in their lives for being wonderful dads to the kids. If your man isn’t taking up his responsibility as a dad, the responsibility as a prent will be so cumbersome on you. So, thatnk him! If he isn’t taking his role seriously, still give him a treat as that could make him rethink his acts and encourage him to take his role seriously.

Drop A Note
I guess if you are in a serious relationship, you may want to appreciate the man in your life as he too someday will become a dad. A simple note or text message will do in this case. Just let him know that you appreciate him and prepare his mind for the responsibility ahead.

By Oma Ehiri

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