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30 Days Beauty Challenge: Blush

Honestly, Blush is one makeup that you should stay away from if you have no idea how to apply it. We have seen people misuse this product that it breaks our heart and we wish they could just read this article.

Applying blush to your cheek has a certain technique and it also depends on the shape of your face. It gives you a glow when you smile but that if it is properly applied and blended thoroughly. You also need to know the best shade of blush for your skin tone. So Kim and Kendall use a certain shade doesn’t make it okay for Keke and Teyonah. You get our drift?

Our beauty professionals have gone ahead to give us a few hints.[hr gap=”1″]

Tosin:Tosin Kayode of Ts. Touch

Mac pink bush(comes with the eyeshadow palette[hr gap=”1″]


MAC blushThese are my two favourite everyday or glam blush. I have loads of blushes but these two are my holy grail. I use them separately or together and I have been using these two on my clients recently.

Sleek Makeup Pomegranate Blush – This blush is DA BOMB, it is amazing, and super pigmented and looks great on all skin tones. It is very shimmery and can also, act as a nice plum highlighter. Best part is that a little of this goes a long way and it is affordable, double win!!

MAC Format Blush – I use this blush all the time, this is currently my HOLY GRAIL blush. It just warms up the face and gives off a nice bronze glowy look. This blush looks great on many skin tones; I personally prefer this blush on darker skin tone. It makes the face look naturally illuminated and it’s just amazing. [hr gap=”1″]

Have you tried any MAC blush?

Featured image via Black Girl Health

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