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30 Days Beauty Challenge: Hair Products for hair growth

We are almost done with the beauty challenge and today, we are looking at hair products for hair growth.

Oyinda Akinyera is a Makeup artiste but she knows just as much about hair products and she shares some of her favourite with us. She says, “These are the products I use all the time for my hair, they keep my hair soft, moisturised and help it grow longer”.

Detangler spray

My hair is hard to comb sometimes, this spray help out and makes it much easier to comb. Plus it is also a leave in conditioner and stop breakage, so it is a win. I use this spray when I take out my weave or when I just washed my hair or just whenever I want to comb my hair.

Hair mayonnaise

I use this product to deep condition my hair every two weeks. I add honey, growth oil and castor oil to make my hair softer and grow longer. I like this mixture a lot and I have been using it for almost two years now and my hair has grown incredible.

Leave-in conditioner

This product has plant extracts & Moroccan Argan Oil with other nutrients. These nutrients help repair and strengthen my hair. It also detangles, and helps protect the hair from further damage and breakage. Finally, it moisturises, softens and produces an excellent sheen with a fresh smell to my hair.

Spray bottle

My spray bottle, I have a mixture of Shea butter, coconut oil, water, leave in conditioner and castor oil. This is my hair food; I use it every two to three day. It helps condition, moisturise, grow and protect my hair.

What are some of your hair products that work?

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