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30 Days Beauty Challenge: Makeup Primer

Makeup primer is a beauty product which is the base of every makeup routine. Yes, you heard right! The foundation isn’t the basis of any makeup. Every good makeup artiste will tell you, if you need your makeup to last longer, you certainly need a makeup primer.

There are many types of primers. There is that one you use for the face in general and for us, we love the Guerlain 24 karat primer. That primer has got some gold glitters in it and like a MUA once said to us, “I don’t use primers but I love the Guerlain primer just because it reflects through the makeup”. Now, this is a reknowed makeup artiste saying this about Guerlain primer. That just tells you how good it is.

Other primers are the lip primer to help your lipstick last longer. We have the eye primer for your eye shadow to remain in place as long as the primer’s holding power lasts.

As always, we drop the question for you on our Instagram page to get your ideas and we got one from @mz_damola and she spicked our all time favourite, the Guerlain primer. Now, let’s find out what our beauty professionals have chosen outside of the Guerlain primer.[hr gap=”1″]


Makeup primer

These two primers are PERFECT, if you have OILY skin. They both work so well and if you live in a HOT country like Nigeria, you need one of these two.

No7 Beautifully Matte – I personally prefer this primer more, I’ve been using it for over a year now and I love it. I apply a bit to my entire face and then another layer to the areas of my face that gets oiliest. The primer lets your makeup last longer and application smoother.

Milk of Magnesia – Every makeup artist I know has used this product as a primer. This product works really well, it gives the face a nice matte finish that doesn’t look too matte or oily. It just the right finish and the best part is that this product is so affordable and can be found at any pharmacy. [hr gap=”1″]

Tosin:Tosin Kayode of Ts. Touch

L.A.Girl Pro.prep Face Primer[hr gap=”1″]

What primers have you tried? What works and what doesn’t?

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