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30days Beauty Challenge: Concealers

Concealers are products used to correct dark patches, acne spots or any form of facial discolouration. They are basically used to get the skin to blend and have uniform colour. While many say that foundation can do about the same thing, others say that the concealer was specifically made for that and should be used for that purpose. In today’s beauty world, many use the concealer to define the brows after drawing it to make it stand out while some use it to highlight and contour.

Our beauty professionals have a favourite and here is what they have to say;[hr gap=”1″]


mac concealerMAC’s Select Cover-up – A little with this product goes a long way, it is not too creamy or liquid, it has just the right texture to give a natural look or a highlighted look which every finish you are after. Also, it does not crease if blended in properly and has a flawless finish so I love it. [hr gap=”1″]

Tosin:Tosin Kayode of Ts. Touch

Ushas Pro.Conceal[hr gap=”1″]

What is your favourite concealer?


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