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30Days Beauty Challenge: Makeup brushes

This beauty challenge is all about having fun but also enriching your beauty knowledge. Today, you need to know that having the right tools in your beauty routine is as important as the beauty products. This also goes for your makeup brushes.

With the right makeup brushes, you are bound to achieve better looking results and a flawless finish. Your makeup application will be more precise and very easy for you to even as a beginner. Take the brow shaping for instance, you need an angled brush to be able to define those lines after application. Any other brush may do the job but not like the angled brush. Same goes for the brow brush you use in getting the hair in place and all the rest.

There are so many makeup brushes designated for various purposes- the powder brush, angled brush, foundation brush, liner brush, lip brush, shadow brush and more. They also come in vrious bristle textures which also determines their durability. Some use the goat hair and other use synthentic. But of the many brushes in a set, what could Oyinda of Honey’s Touch consider to be her favourite. let us find out;[hr gap=”1″]


makeup brushes

The list of brushes I love are endless, I adore both drugstore and high-end brushes from different brands. But these are my three ultimate favorites.

Elf Complexion Brush – This is the brush I cannot live without, it is just perfect. It is large, fluffy, soft and dense. A little or no powder on this brush goes a long way and removes all that shine. Plus, it is affordable so double win, great brush at a great price.

Coastal Scents Large Angled brush – The more I use this brush, the more I love it, and this is one of the best brushes to use to apply powder blush and highlighter. It just makes the application a lot easier and blends them together flawlessly.

Real Technique Complexion Sponge – Recently used this again and I feel in love with it all over again. This sponge works with everything, powders, creams and liquids. It makes the application of products look very natural and it is so easy to use for beginners. Quick tip: the sponge works best damp, so dip it into water until it expands then squeeze out all the water. Then it’s ready to be used.[hr gap=”1″]

What are your favourite makeup brushes?

Featured image via Dodos Uvieghara

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