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5 Apps That Make Posting on Instagram Easy and Fun

Now you have downloaded the Instagram app, what next? Just as the app is evolving, more apps are being developed to meet the demands of its users. While some of these apps are developed by independent developers, they are somehow integrated to Instagram and make it pretty easy and fun f to post on the platform. I have experimented with a number of these apps but these 5 are my go to:


Ever found a post on Instagram that you will like to post on your page? Instead of doing a screenshot first, some Instagram integrated apps allow you to repost the image. There are a lot of them but since I like to have a clean post, I try to go for watermark free apps where possible. This does not stop me from giving copyright credits but it just makes the image less clumsy which is why I opted for Regrann.

No crop

Sometimes, an image could be more than the Instagram sizing requirements. Instagram has created the feature that allows you to tap on an icon to keep the post within the desired size. However, there are still some images or even videos that cannot fit, all you need to do is open the image or video first in the No Crop app before posting on Instagram. That way, you will not lose any part of the image or video. The app also allows you to make the background blurred, white or just any patterns that suits what you want. I go for white or blurred.


Ever seen those videos that are less than 10 seconds and the person or people in the video are doing a certain pose repeatedly? That’s possible when you use Boomerang. If you have the updated version of Instagram, it’s right there when you launch the app.


There are times when we have so many shots and picking one is difficult, you create a collage. Sometimes, it could be a collage of different people. With Layout which is also available when you launch Instagram, you can do this with out the watermarks available with some other similar apps.


This app is how I do some of the fun videos that I upload on Instagram. There are different ones but I use this one. The only thing is, I need to pay 400 Naira to get rid of the watermark but I like that it allows me to put music on a video or to even create a video from images and do a voice over if I want.

These are some of the apps that make posting fun and easy on Instagram. Note that I use a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. hence, these apps are what is available to me. Let me know what device you use and what apps work for you.


Oma Ehiri


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