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5 Kinds of People to Never Travel With

Have you ever travelled with someone that made you wish you never made that travel? We don’t mean trips where you broke up with your partner or discovered they were cheating on you. That is on a different level which we cannot find the words for right now. We mean, travelling with someone that just made your trip develop a sour taste if we can compare trips to food. Well, if you haven’t had such an experience, then you are in luck. That makes this post one you should pay close attention to. That way, you can ensure that you never pick a travel partner that kills your vibe.

Here are 5 kinds of people to never travel with;

1.Those who never pay for their things:

a woman begging for rice

Watch out for that person that conveniently forgets their wallet at the hotel or claims not to have changed money every time they need to pay for something. Except you promised to be their sponsor, people like this will eat deeply into your travel budget and leave you with very little to do your own travel shopping.

2.Those who delay:

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They will stay in bed all day and only remember to take their shower few seconds to when you have an a scheduled activity. If you hang around these ones, you are likely to miss out on a lot of activities especially the paid ones.

3.Those who complain ceaselessly:


Nothing seems to be working for these ones. They cannot seem to just accept that leaving home for a trip requires a few sacrifices and adjustments especially if you are travelling on a budget. If you know that bourgie friend with expensive taste, just leave them behind. No hard feelings at all. They can travel with you when you have enough money to fit into their expensive lifestyle. If you insist on bringing them with you, get ready for all the mood swings they will bring with them.

4.Those who are very messy:

people to never travel with

These are the worst. Most times when we travel, finding comfort is key and that includes a clean space, Sharing a room with someone who cannot seem to keep their corner clean or flush after they use the bathroom is a strong turn-off. Except you do not mind cleaning after them, this is not a travel buddy.

5.Those who can’t take great pictures:

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What use is a travel buddy if they cannot make themselves useful and help you document your memories? Even if we have no plans of letting Instagram know our current location, we still need to have those memories looking pretty in our gallery. Say no to travel partners that can only take blurred pictures.

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