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5 Post ideas For Twitter After A Long Time

You shouldn’t have to stress about what to post on Twitter and you don’t need to be cliche. Be strategic with these post ideas.

Now that the Nigerian Government has lifted the Twitter ban, your executives already expect you to start posting on Twitter. However, you may be wondering the best way to make the come back without using the cliché- we are back or do you see this (referring to your tweet). Make it more strategic by using any of these post ideas.

Post Ideas For Twitter After a Long Time.

Brand activities:

In the past 7months, what activities did your brand carry out? Here is your opportunity to update your Twitter community, informing them of product or feature launches, events, new releases and more that took place during the Twitter ban. Take advantage of this and do not assume that they know because there are people who only follow you on Twitter. Also, with the unbanning, more people are likely to be currently active on the platform.

Industry News:

Just like your brand activities, there may be notable industry events that happened during the ban. You can share this with your Twitter community. It still serves your company because, one content type that does well is, educational content.


You can decide to run a welcome back promo. Let your community know that you missed them by sharing a promo code or doing a flash sale. This is dependent on your business type. The ban was on during the festivities. If your company can afford it, run a sale exclusively for the Twitter community.

Upcoming events:

Now that you have told them about the past 7 months, what are your plans for the next couple of months? Share that with your Twitter community and have them looking forward to it.


This can be a fun poll or a survey. You probably want to find out how they have been doing or find out what they will like to see from your brand. You can even see who has questions about your company and take the opportunity to interact with them.

Posting on Twitter is very different from other platforms and can be time-consuming but with a content calendar, a schedule and the right tools, you can ace this. At ST Media Hub, we can assist you with a content calendar including a list of tools that will help you optimize your digital presence, not just on Twitter but across all digital platforms that are relevant to your brand.

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