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5 things to do with the extra holiday

It is amazing to wake up in the morning and realize that you have an extra day to chill but then, if you don’t have it all planned out, it could be just another day that just passes without you actually achieving anything. So, here is a list of a few things that you could make happen today.

Visit the ‘Spaloon’
That’s right! You could get out there and have a spa day where you get some good massage and if you feel like that is a little too much, just spend some time getting your hair in place and for the ladies, get your manicure and pedicure done. You don’t want to be resuming work after a long holiday looking like you had none, except of course you actually had none. And just as an extra to this, you could pay the gym a visit today and burn some calories.

Do some domestic chores
We know that most times, we get all too busy and the entire house is a bit all over the place particularly the closet. Take time out today to get your closet in order, put your room right, get the dust out and have those cobwebs down.

Watch a movie
Quite a few movies came out over the weekend that are quite educative, entertaining and could help you relax. If you can, drop by the cinemas and you could catch Tempting Fate. If not, get the TV on and you can catch some of our favourite programs on Ebony Life TV or just stay tuned to AFMAG as they bring you all the many unending movies *lol*

Reach out to your friends and family
When last did you pay your mum a visit or even called your friends to see how they are doing? Many times, we miss their calls and we fail to return these calls back. So, today, get some extra credit on and begin place all those calls. If you can pay them a visit, that’s extra and its great!

Attend weekday church service or mass or the mosque
Don’t forget to stop by the church or mosque today and let God know that you are grateful for the many things that he has given to you. The jobs that keep you busy all week long and that you would love to spend so much time in his temple but even when you are not there, you are happy to have Him all around you every day.

Enjoy the rest of your day buddies and share what you will be doing with us. Got any more ideas of what can be done today, leave your comments below.

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