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6 signs he is a Real Dad- Irede

After reading Jide Esan’s story, it dawned on me that fatherhood is a full time Job that deserves a paycheck.

To be considered a real dad, you must be doing the following things;


As a real dad, you must be available to protect your children. They need to feel safe in your arms and have a relationship with you where they can open up on any form of challenges that they could be going through.


A real dad needs to ensure that they provide their children with  all the basic needs from food to shelter, education and clothes.


You must be able to Pray for you children.They need your blessings to be able to function right in the society.


A real Dad must be able to accept his children irrespective of their strength or  weakness. Everybody needs a cheerleader and a real dad is the head cheer leader of his children. He encourages them and helps to build their confidence.

Role model

A real Dad has to be responsible and not  behave in a manner that could jeopardize the future of his children. He will not engage in criminal activities because he knows that his children need him around so he can’t go to jail. He wouldn’t do or say things that would subject his children to public ridicule.


Above all a real Dad trains his children. Teaches them the difference between good and bad. Teaches them to love and to forgive. Teaches them to laugh. He shows his daughters the kind of man she should be with and his sons the kind of man they should be. Teach your children respect. Teach them etiquette. Teach them to listen. Teach them to study because in study they gain knowledge and from knowledge they acquire wisdom.

Share this with every man in your life so that we can have more real dads in the world!


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