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6 Skincare Products You Should Try Out From Chaurme

Let me start the week by appreciating everyone that reached out yesterday. The site was temporarily down because we are moving servers but we are on top of it and will make certain that we sort it out as soon as possible. Thank you for all the DMs and emails. You continue to remind me that we are more than strangers on the internet for a family.

As you know, we have a few skincare products to give out from Chaurme as we celebrate the launch of our YouTube channel. This week’s video is out and you can watch it below:


Here is a detailed description of each skincare product as promised in the video;

Chaurme Thermal Massage Oilmassage oil

Thermal massage oils ensure that you get the best from your massage sessions. It helps to reduce friction between the hand and the skin. I was reading a post on OilHealthBenefits and the writer mentioned some of the ideal properties of massage oils. Having that in mind, I tried the Chaurme thermal massage oil. This oil is very pure, flows easily on the skin, stays on while massage continues and, it is odourless.

Derma V10 Cocoa Body Lotionderma v10 cocoa body lotion

This product is a moisturizing lotion for normal to dry skin. I do not quite like the fluidity but it has the cocoa scent. This was my first impression of the product as I did not proceed to using the product.

Tea Tree Foaming Face washTea Tree Foaming face wash

This product contains tea tree  and peppermint oil which is great for acne treatment and prevention. I started using t last week and it is very gentle on my face. I feel really fresh after every use. With consistent use, I bet it will be great for healthy skin. I am very particular about the smell of products which is why I like this product. Smells good and mildly too. With 2-3 pumps, I apply on my face in a circular motion, massaging into my skin. After which I rinse off and then pat dry my face.

Beauty Formulas Avocado and Cucumber Facial Scrubfacial scrub

Beauty formulas has a number of products and the facial scrub is one of them in different flavours too. I did see a review of the product on Bohalista By Nena and it mentioned that the product is a gentle scrub which makes the skin brighter, soft and smooth. So, if you are looking for a mild facial scrub, then this is a product that you should try out.

Pure Derm Snail Cell  Illuminating Multi-Step Treatmentsnail face mask

Like I mentioned in the video, snail treatments are great for youthful skin, wrinkles and acne treatment. From Sheet Mask Maven who had a really interesting review of this product and quite a detailed one too, this product does work and you should definitely try it out.

Shower Gloveshower glove

I certainly don’t need to say so much about this. Like I said in the video, I have been hooked on this gloves since my days in the university and it works for me. When I had my first hammam experience in Amsterdam, I used this and it did the work. It also helps to minimize my products. So, no waste at all. Imagine scrubbing and being able to also massage alongside. I love this gloves and it has come to stay until I find something better than it. I even use for my face if I ever have to use a sponge on my face.

These products are available at the Chaurme store in Ikeja and they also deliver but, we are giving all of these to one lucky subscriber. All you have to do is subscribe to our YouTube Channel, send a screenshot to and you automatically enter for the raffle.

Oma Ehiri


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