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9 Affordable Holiday Gift Ideas

Christmas day was such a beautiful one for me this year. It’s the best I have had in a while. I had my parents come over and we spent it just the way I know Christmas to be- intimate. However, I did help my mum to fix the Christmas rice and even shared with a few people. I was really excited that I could do this because this is what the spirit of Christmas is about- being able to share with others. My dad walked in to the kitchen and as though he read my mind, he said about the same thing. I felt like my chicken was cut really small and not sure it looked presentable but my brother said to me, ‘Do what your mind has asked you to do. Give’. With that in my mind, I thought to share these affordable Holiday Gift Ideas curated on Jumia.

I have been sharing one for each day on my Instagram page since the 23rd but after yesterday’s reminder on giving, this deserves a page on the blog. The items are quite affordable with some costing as little as N1700. Seeing that they are a part of the holiday Jumia sale, the items have been discounted. Jumia is also one of Nigeria’s largest e-commerce platform. Therefore, the holiday gift ideas cut across different categories and can be shipped nationwide.

Affordable Holiday Gift Ideas

1.Toy Electric Train With Tracks

toy train with electric tracks

Kids can really embarrass you with questions about their Christmas gifts. Save yourself and win the uncle of aunty of the year award with as little as N1700…. SEE MORE!

2. Nokia 105

nokia 105

If you have someone who doesn’t have a phone, you can start them up with this. That way, they are reachable. It is a 2019 edition with dual SIM. This is currently going for N6990…… SEE MORE!

3. Earbuds

ear buds

My favourite thing about this is that it cancels out noise. You can gift this to a colleague to make that zoom call a lot more bearable for them. It used to cost over N10,000 but now, it’s selling for less than N7000…. SEE MORE!

4. Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

wireless bluetooth speaker

Gifting this to someone this season will lift up their party spirit. A lot of homes need to keep it small and at home due to covid. Having one of these will help amplify the sound at home….. SEE MORE!

5. Washing Machine

washing machine

Every home needs one of these. Working from home this year has made a number of us extremely busy because there is no closing hour. If you are like me, that means laundry has become quite a chore. If that is same for a friend of yours, then this washing machine is a good holiday gift. It used to be N50,000 but currently on sale for N37,800…. SEE MORE!

6. Tshirt


If you are looking for something personal, then this is your best- a cotton Polo tshirt. It is on sale for N3900 from N9000….. SEE MORE!

7. Colorful Sneakers


This is posted in the men’s section but quite frankly, I think it belongs to the unisex section. Currently selling for N4500, you get to save N5000….. SEE MORE!

8. Slip-on Sneakers


When in doubt, go black. And with N1900, this shoe is your best bet. It was selling for N9000…. SEE MORE!

9. Blender


No one can say no to a blender….. SEE MORE!

After listing all of these, I thought of creating a holiday hamper with some of these items. You can do the same too depending on your budget.

The Jumia Holiday Sale is still on with lots of items on sale. Click HERE to peruse all the items on sale.

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