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9 Ways To Succeed As A President

Are you thinking of becoming the next president of your nation? Will you like to be the loved president whom the people wish they could give more time? Do you desire to create policies that will build a nation even from the scraps that you meet? If your answer is Yes, then you already have a desire to succeed. All you need to do is imbibe the next few points stated below and you are on your way to becoming not just a successful president but one of the most impactful man or woman that ever walked the face of the earth.

Be a Barack Obama

Barack Obama

Photo Credit NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/GettyImages

He had poise, charisma and was intellectually sound

Marry a Michelle Obama

She was very supportive and understood the importance of sacrifice for the greater good of all.

Select a Joe Biden as your Vice President

President Obama and Joe Biden

Photo by Pete Souza

He was definitely not the one that President Obama referred to in his farewell speech when he said, “people of good character aren’t even willing to enter into public service” for Biden was a man of good character ready to serve the people.

Employ a fun loving PR team

Jen Psaki

Photo credit should read NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images

President Obama couldn’t have done it alone. It was the responsibility of his media and PR team to continually put the Obamas in our face and as at 2015, Jen Psaki was the head of that team.

Hire a Cody Keenan to write your speech

President Obama definitely went for a good hire as we can see in the quality of his speech- smooth and inspiring, playing deep on our emotional intelligence.

Teach the importance of family

The Obamas

Image via

Do we need to say much when the pictures tell it all and Michelle emphasized it severally. Their family was important and raising their daughters right was even more important.

Play up your humanity

The Obamas

Image via

There is no need to hide your humanity. It is what tells the world that their president is relatable and lives the lives that they have despite his position as president.

Reward your loyal and trustworthy staff

We have seen this happen over the years and today, we woke up to the yet another reward of excellence as President Obama awarded Joe with the nation’s highest civilian honor, The Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Get a Pete Souza to capture and document every moment.

Are we going to act like we didn’t see the work of this man? Just like Bayo Omoboriowo, Pete is the photograher behind many of the images that we see of the President. His angling and his timing has been everything. President Obama must be grateful to him for creating some of the best memories of his time as President.

These were some of the things contributed to the success of Barack Obama, don’t you think so?


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