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A Lesson in Patience

It has only been weeks since  I picked up this project but, I was so determined to see to it that this event went on smoothly and that I became that light that the show needed to be seen. I was determined to be diligent.

I opened my mailbox and began to reach out to as many people as possible, everyone who was anyone, and everyone who I had access to. I needed people to tie into this project and I needed them to tie in fast. I pressed buttons, clicked icons but each time, the other end of the line stayed dead. Oh my! I thought to myself. My heart beating so fast. Was I going to drop so fast when I just only started to climb?

Negative thoughts flooded my mind and I was served each moment with discouraging actions. Not like I cared so much about their actions as I cared about making God proud cos in the end, every work that I am opportuned to do is a means to glorify God and let Him know that each day I spend on this earth is making an impact in the life of someone, some group or even an organisation.

The day grew so close and yet no word from those who should make this dream a reality. Tears welled up my eyes and my heart began to pound so hard. Fear gripped my guts and I suddenly developed a headache. I got so sick that I could barely speak. I became so cranky that all I really wanted to do was talk to the ones that I love and be by myself when they were not available. All of this is happening at a time when I am not in the best of places.

But in the midst of all this, I knew that there was only one man that could shake the heavens for me; one man who could cause the rain to pour. I knew that there was that God whom I so strongly believe in that I needed to hold onto. If anyone told you that having faith in God was so easy, call that person a liar! It is not in anyway easy but a virtue that you need to grow and nurture over time. When doubt comes, don’t let it drag you down. Shake your body and remember that before it happened, He already knew and whatever the outcome, it is His will. It is so hard but in the end, it pays.

I spoke too Him in the language of prayer. Explained how I felt about this project and set out to send my reminders. I begged him not to let my present challenges to get in the way of my diligence. In no time, people no longer minded the short notice and began to respond positively. The other end of the line was full of tones at one time and He gave me the grace to listen to all the tones, comprehend each one and make His word true in my project.

This is only the start but I know that while many stayed back to jeer, he went before me to prepare the way and to cause them to shame. Thanks to all who gave their words of hope and showed their trust in me.  It seemed like nothing was being done but He was making all things happen for my sake. He did this to teach me A Lesson in Patience!




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