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A New Edo Bride

Over the weekend, Ejiro- a colleague at the university and a friend- got married to the love of her life. I couldn’t make the wedding because it was in Abuja and I haven’t been feeling well for sometime now. When I saw pictures of her looks, I knew I had to share this with you.

The makeup was flawlessly done. Anyone who knows Ejiro knows that she is a pretty lady but this MUA made her dazzle. Don’t you think the look was natural yet draws a lot of attention to her?
I am not sure the neck bead was neccessary on the coral as the coral on its own is pretty. What is your take?
On this look, I love the entire attire including her smile but especially her head gear.
Which of her looks is your favourite?
Ejiro and her husband
I am wishing Ejiro and her beloved husband, a happy married life. Watch out for pictures from the church wedding

The 90days Healthy Hair Growth Challenge is still on and I have my protective style on. It is braids so I need to be careful not to strain my scalp. Will take pictures as soon as I can and post them on my instagram page. However, if you have your protective style on, kindly send them to me so that we can start scrolling them on the blog and also create an album. 



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