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A Night With Femileye in Abuja

Femileye, the Guitarist and Afro Jazz vocalist recently began his tour around Nigeria with his scond stop at Abuja.

It was tagged, An intimate Night with Femileye and was well attended by lovers of his kind of music. They had so much fun and as you can imagine, they wanted more.

See pictures from the show:0B8A_wYMzf1E7akYzRHotME1jVlU 0B8A_wYMzf1E7d1dINnBNMmlCelU 0B8A_wYMzf1E7eVdpN1daanZkcTQ 0B8A_wYMzf1E7R2J6MXlGa3NZOVk-1 0B8A_wYMzf1E7WmpVNUdsZWNkc00 0B8A_wYMzf1E7WGZqWTVrWnhCdVU 0B8A_wYMzf1E7MmJVM09FNTEzaTQ 0B8A_wYMzf1E7VDBSVTgtU2NBTTQ

Stay tuned for information on possible dates when Femileye is coming to your neighbourhood!

Femileye is an Afro Jazz musician who recently released his album in Lagos, Nigeria. His songs have been played in a number of events including the just concluded Veba Fashion Show in which he left the entire audience happy and dancing.

We recently did an interview with him which you can read HERE

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