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A Recap Of How I Spent July The 25th (A Day In My Life)

I also answered some questions about love, fear and change.

It’s a brand new month with lots of exciting things in stock for us but first, here is a recap of how I spent the last Saturday in the month of July. Welcome to a day in my life.

While scrolling through YouTube a few weeks back, a challenge popped up on my screen. It was a call for creators to film a day in their lives with specific reference to July the 25th.

The creator of the challenge equally listed some questions which they wanted creators to highlight in their short film. Though I answered them all in the film, here you go;

What do you love?

I love to travel but beyond that, I love to be a part of projects that impact the lives of people. While I live this each day even in the content I create, I will say my last major work of impact was while I was working for an NGO in 2017. In 2019, we also had an outreach for widows as we marked the SoTectonic anniversary. With the pandemic, we keep doing our bit and I look forward to another exciting project in December.

What do you fear?

At this time, I really fear that I may not be leaving the country until 2021. This really scares me a lot as the airspace for international flights in Nigeria is still closed while the continent I ought to travel into has placed a ban on flights coming in from Nigeria. This is really my greatest fear right now. In addition to my fear of driving and my fear of dark and enclosed spaces.

Speaking of driving, I am starting a new Instagram page to tell my driving stories. I am waiting for Instagram to approve the name I chose and grant me access.

What will you like to change? Either about the world or your own life?

There are a few things that I want to change about my life. For instance, I want to be with my partner already. I want to have some little triplets running around. I will like to be comfortable and just live without stressing so much about my next paycheck.

As for the world, I really want to change Nigeria. I love this country so much but the problems that plague this nation scares me that I worry for the future of my children.

What’s in your pocket?

As I write this, I have a slip on. Hence, no pockets and nothing in them. However, in life, I have a lot of hope in my pocket. Enough to give out some to you my awesome reader. Whatever it is that you desire, do not give up. Hold on to hope!

As we start a new month, I wish you the very best. Please, watch my video by clicking the button below.


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