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How To Achieve Polish Free Acrylic Manicure

Last year, my nail technician introduced me to a different kind of acrylic powder, a coloured acrylic powder. This allowed for me have acrylic manicure without exactly applying any nail polish on it. At the time, I wasn’t so sure how this works. So, I went with simple by having one acrylic powder. We just switched things a bit by having one of the fingers on each nail to have a different colour.

This time, we had a mix of two acrylic coloured powders at the same time and the mix is beautiful.

It is a blend of purple and pink and I like how the pink fades into the purple and how the purple just shows like its washing off. All we did was use the powder alone and then he applied the top coat after buffing to get some shine. manicure

The glitters that you see is also acrylic powder.

Being one who is always getting her nails done, I can say that I like the idea of the acrylic coloured powder better than having it done and then throwing on the polish. It doesn’t crack and when it begins to push out, it moves together. You can just ask the technician to refill with whatever colour that was thee before and the nails will be as new as it was the first time.

I will recommend that you also try  it if you will like to have your nails wrapped. You can reach my nail technician on +234 7018283636. Oma Ehiri

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