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Acquiring Basic Video Editing Skills with Feemo

Hola Hola! How is the second half of the month already looking on your end? For us, we are on a roller coaster unleashing some new contents especially with the launch of our YouTube Channel. If you haven’t seen that already, hurry and subscribe so that you get 20% off your first purchase from ST Hair and Beauty as well as enter into the draw for some beauty products.

Speaking of YouTube, it all began with the basic video editing class which I attended at Feemo. It was a great 4weeks program. Very insightful as I acquired quite a geat deal of knowledge on how to use Adobe Premiere Pro in edting videos.

The facilitator, James Omokwe, took us through an introductory class, where he told us what each panel in Adobe is called and what they do. Then we went on to learn the art of telling a story which is key in video editing. Right after that was the use of transitions, color correcting tools and, putting all of this together to create a video worthy of publishing.James Omokwe

The classes were super interesting that by the time we were done, I was too sure that I wasn’t about to sleep on the amount of traffic that I could direct to this platform just by creating videos. The company even invited a reknowned video editor who works on a number of Mnet programs, Mr. Banjo whose class got me convincved that even beyond contenst for the platform, I can apply for jobs in any organization seeking to hire people in their media and communications department and with my added skill, I could just be at a vantage position anywhere in the world.

I did learn and all it takes is more practice and plenty of research to become better but what is key is that I have the basics and I am motivated to become better. In whatever it is that you desire to do, consider acquiring the right skills that could propel you to success.

You should consider following Feemo on Instagram (@feemoverse) as we were made to understand that they will be organizing a lot of classes of this sort and the best part of it, it is free! Follow, share this post with someone to let them know that something great is happening and don’t forget to click HERE to watch the video I created right after the class.

Oma Ehiri

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