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Adeola Ichetaonye and Tomiwa Alabi Emerge Winners As Samsung Mobile Nigeria Continues To Reward Its Customers

Tomiwa Talabi,  Jumoke Okikiolu, Lola Ichetaonye and Anish Mathew

Tomiwa Talabi, Jumoke Okikiolu (Head of Product Marketing- Mobile, Samsung Electronics West Africa), Lola Ichetaonye and Anish Mathew (Product Manager- Mobile, Samsung Electronics, West Africa).


Samsung Mobile Nigeria has been putting smiles on the faces of its customers by rewarding them with lots of goodies particularly bringing them on board the A list.

The company recently had a competition on Instagram encouraging followers to get their buddies to take pictures with them in cultural attires. This is coming a few weeks after they had the tweet bid and encourages the spirit of team work among young people.

After a keenly contested competition which saw contenders seeking for votes from everyone in their network on Instagram, Adeola Ichetaonye and Tomiwa Alabi emered winners of the Samsung Galaxy A5 and the Samsung Galaxy A3 respectively.

Lola Ichetaonye, winner of Samsung Galaxy A5 receives her prize from Product Manager - Mobile, Samsung Electronics West Africa

Lola Ichetaonye receives prize from Anish Mattews


Adeola Ichetaonye who is a banker was the winner of the Samsung Galaxy A5. As a hobby, she loves to surf the internet which explains her participation in the competition. Since we are in the era of selfies, her friends who are also selfie lovers were more than willing to take the selfie just for the love of it and to help their friend get on the A list. She began to tag her friends on the Samsung Mobile Nigeria page as well as  the followers of her friends in order to get them to vote for her. Her strategy did work as she is now the proud owner of the Samsung Galaxy A5 though she looks forward to owning the Samsung Galaxy s6 edge which has just been launched but is yet to hit the Nigerian market. We are all anticipating the release of that sleek device.

Tomiwa receives prize from Jumoke

Tomiwa receives prize from Jumoke Okikiolu

Tomiwa Alabi got herself the Samsung Galaxy A3 courtesy Samsung Mobile Nigeria. Tomiwa is a quantity surveying student at the University of Lagos as well a s a Blogger, Social media PR and an Online Publicist. He gathered his fashion conscious friends and got them to do a crazy pose for his Samsung Mobile Nigeria selfie contest. As soon as the competition was up, she continued to tag his friends, sending out broadcasts and using a platform he co-owns to ask for votes. According to him, Instagram has a tag limit which is something we just learnt ourselves. So, he couldn’t get to tag as many people as he would have loved to. Not withstanding, he was able to get the second highest vote and clinched the A3. However, he would have loved to own the A5 which is a higher version of the A3.

Tomiwa and Adeola- The Winners!

Tomiwa and Adeola- The Winners!

Samsung Mobile Nigeria remains one of the leading mobile companies in Nigeria putting into consideration the needs of the people and the developing trends in the world. If you are yet to join the A list, we have a review of the Samsung Galaxy A5. You need to read it up or visit any Samsung experience center and get a feel of the product yourself.

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