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Getting Back to The Space of Things

For some time now, I have been craving the keyboards and every time I think about how I haven’t been able to publish something new, I cringe and fret. I literally worry that I may be losing my readers who are constantly checking in for new content. I thought about letting you guys know that I needed a break but then, I kept saying to myself, “Is this break justifiable? Are you sure that you cannot create that time?”. Because this for me is work, it is my life, it is what I love to do. It is what I am passionate about doing and so, being away hasn’t been easy at all. Hence, for me to be away for this long, it can only mean that my recent schedule has been time consuming.

I came back to town and I had a gazillion things that needed my attention and I wanted to get on all of it at the same time. There were so many deadlines staring me in the face, events that I had to make an appearance for the sake of this hustle and just things that were fighting hard for my attention. I know people who get back into town and they do take the next few days off trying to acclimatize or get their mind back to the zone but, I did not have that luxury. I was out the very next day in the humid weather that was super scorching and burning because I had an appointment that I could not miss. Amidst all of this, I also need to come up with new strategies to get the attention of new brands and keep the attention of the ones who already feel me.

What am I saying? The business that I find myself in is one that requires consistency but you see, you also need to know when you don’t have it all figured out or when you don’t have it together. You need to know when to pause, take a deep breath and just prioritise. You need to tell yourself what is more important and requires immediate action. I still believe in the pen and paper despite how technological the world is or how green we wish it could be. I scribble things down and it just helps me to release all that inspiration that is flowing or the thoughts that are coming at me but I cannot completely make sense of at that time. So, what I have been doing is writing down my content ideas but knowing that we need to focus on ABC to get to XYZ.

Another thing is I stopped overthinking things. So, with the platform, I have just decided to put out the contents that come naturally to me. Before writing this story, I was thinking of the best way to come back and what kind of contents I should put out first. Ermmm, sitting on my couch and watching the visit of Adesua Etomi to the Big Brother House, this was what my mind settled for and I am hoping that it helps someone who may just be feeling like their life is getting all chaotic right now especially if you are a Nigerian bride to be. Weddings are time consuming but, this is a story that we will all get around to speak of some day. So, being in your zone helps and will get you back in the space of things.

It is a new month, Aries season which is my favourite season is still very much on, I am still waiting on the S9 (*smiles*), celebrating every milestone and the gift of each new day and just doing the best that I can do with the available resources at hand. So, if you have ideas for me on new contents or projects that I should take up, feel free to reach out in the comment section and please keep up with more contents on Instagram (@sotectonic). The mailing list will be more active and the subscription link is at the right-hand corner of the home page of the website or should I just say click HERE. Also, our YouTube page can be customized but we need 100 subscribers to make that happen. So, please, click HERE to subscribe.

I love you all!

Oma Ehiri

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