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Allergies And The Voice: Homemade Treatment

According to a post by Christian Nordqvist on allergies, allergies are hypersensitive immune responses to substances that either enter or come in contact with the body. If you are allergic to a substance, such as pollen, your immune system reacts to it as if it were a pathogen (a foreign harmful substance), and tries to destroy it. I had one of those which almost destroyed my voice. I spoke all about it in the video below;

If you have watched the video, then you already know what triggered it and what I did to get rid of it. For the sake of those who are yet to watch, 3 homemade treatments that you should consider if you ever have an allergy disturbing your voice will be;

Ginger and Garlic
Bitterkola and Honey
Warm lemon water and honey

Have you experienced this kind of allergy, how did you treat it?

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