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AMVCA 2017- Sevon Dejana Proves That Designing A Dress In 48 Hours Is Possible

It is amazing the things that can happen when people put their minds to it and that includes designers. We bet there are many of us who have had bitter experiences with designers. Experiences that have made you to miss an event or appear in something completely different from what you had planned to wear. Even when the design was discussed months ago, they could still have an excuse as to why the dress  couldn’t be ready. However, the AMVCA tells a different story.

With the AMVCA, many designers have had to make outfits from the scratch in less than 48hours. One of whom is Sevonda Dejana.

Sevonda Dejana designed the grey dress which Lala AKindoju wore for the red carpet in 48hours. Not only was it made in 48hours, the dress came out really well that it caught our attention. Below are images of Lala Akindoju in the dress:

Dress by Sevon Dejana
Makeup by Pro spotted makeover
Hair by Vaavaavoom
Acessories by Bland 2 Glam
Styled by Yolanda Okereke for The Rani Company.
Photography by Omide Photography

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