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Apple to launch the new iPad and iPhones in Nigeria by November

Apple recently launched 3 devices- the iPhone 6s, iPhone6s plus and the iPad pro. Apple lovers world over began to tweet and Instagram about their love for the new devices and their desire to purchase them, particularly the iphone which is said to have the rose gold color. Nigerians were certainly not left out as they have begun to express their desire for the device which we know can only mean one thing.

Nigerians have the attitude of purchasing the iphone from friends abroad and they do so at very outrageous prices. Last year, Apple decided to bring in the device exactly 8weeks after its release in the US, just to save Nigerians the drama of buying fake apple products and also ensure that they get same at the real value.

Apple also partnered with Nigeria’s telecommunication industry- MTN, AIRTEL and ETISALAT- to bring reasonable data bundles to users with authentic product warranty for the devices.

This year, Apple is bringing the new additions in November as well and trust us when we say, it is worth the wait. You don’t want to buy a device for N210,000 and then find out that you could have gotten it for N135,000. This was the case of those who bought the iphone 6 (16GB) from unauthorized dealers. Some even got the fake deal.

Therefore, we recommend that you take a chill pill and await the official release from Apple. The number one store to know for sure will be the Apple iStore in Ikeja Shopping Mall and then other authorized retailers of Apple which you can find on

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