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Appreciation Message- My Brthday.

 For those of you who didn’t know, yesterday the 26th was my birthday. I feel old but I am young, really young*lol*. May be not so young. I am still in my early 20s so, yeah, I am still young but getting older!
I had no plans for my birthday. I just thought it was going to be like any other working day but, I secretly hoped that someone would spice the day up for me. And yeah, all of my friends and family plus colleagues did spice the day up.
My friend, Philomena, made me prettier as she did the make up just to give me a different look from my everyday look. Then, the big one came from my beau who sent a cake to my office.
I got to the office and met the delivery guy waiting for me to arrive (Perfect timing!). The cake served the perfect purpose as it  got the office in the celebration mood. Thanks to my MD for allowing it to happen and the entire Gteam was awesome.

For all the gifts, phone calls, text messages, pings and the messages on facebook, twitter and instagram, I am indeed grateful. You all touched my heart with so much love and my joy has no bound. My prayer is that God will continue to give us reasons to celebrate together all the time.
I would have done a roll call but I will not want to leave anyone out. I am sure you understand. Thank you guys. Thank you so very much. You all rock!
Note that this is not the post for the week. Expect that tomorrow *wink*.

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