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April Theme: Exploring The ‘Beauty’ World

IMG_7164As a growing brand, we are very strategic with delivering the right kind of content to our readers. In line with being strategic, every month will have a theme that we run with to enable us give our readers a direction. This does not take away the spontaneity in addressing issues that are making the headlines but just helps us to give you something to look out for.

In this month of April which we have already experienced 7 of it, we will be experiencing the varying dimensions of the beauty world. In the next 23 days, we will explore the growing dimensions in the beauty world and how this affects our lives in general from career to family, social well being, networking, ideologies and lifestyle.

Not leaving behind the technological aspect of the blog as we carry out an in-depth research of the definition of beauty which technological gadgets sell to us. From the front cam to the use of selfie sticks, increase in mega pixels, editing features, air brushing effects, text additions, creating of fancy posters with your images and the efficient way of marketing beauty products by inculcating technology.

One aspect that we are particularly thrilled about is the tutorials and DIY sections which we expect to do some videos around just to further engage our readers. We will also be doing a special on nails and hope to get an expert in that field to tell you all about the grooming of nails.

Looks like we have a well packed beauty month for you and we will like for you to take advantage of the creative content that we will be bringing your way to further expand your knowledge base even as we look forward to your wealth of contributions to help us keep the space interactive and learn from one another.

In this beauty month, our beauty brand is Black Up Paris and we have brought you the first in the series of the brand’s feature which was the Master Class hosted by David Corrason-Beaudu. Look forward to the reviews of the products and how to use one of their most recent makeup, the Magic Contour Stick.

Enjoy this ‘beauty’ ride with us!


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