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Aquarius- The First Star of the Year, The Eleventh Sign of the Zodiac.

The other day in church, my priest reminded us that for every time a child is born, a star is born. This is why the word of God talks about the star that was born when the Christ was born. The star whose light the wisemen saw and followed as they sought the birth place of the Christ. Well, Astrologers have taken it upon themselves to name every star born within a certain period and the first for the year, starting today the 20th of January, is Aquarius.

Despite being the first star of the year, Aquarius is not the first but the eleventh sign of the Zodiac. Going through our favourite site on Zodiaz signs, Astrology Zodiac Signs, here are a few things we have gathered about those whose star is Aquarius.

They are communicative:

Those born within this time are said to be very communicative though they need time to get close to people. This is a very good attribute as the key to every successful relationship is communication. However, in communicating, they have very strong views which makes it difficult to change their mind about a situation. Hence, for you to become their friends, you have to be highly intelligent with  a great level of creativity. You must also note that they are very sensitive people. Thus, you want to be careful even as you communicate with them.

They are loyal:

Very committed to anything that they do, any relationship that they are in and even to their family. They are loyal to the point of self-sacrifice if need be.

They are enthusiastic.

This is in relation to their job and reflects in every business that they do. You can see the zeal and the passion they use in

They are visionaries.

As visionaries, they get involved in activities that are very beneficial to humanity. This is to be expected and means that they will do well with being project managers of managing NGOs.

They are bold with their style.

Our finding say that Aquarius born are daring with their style. They are not afraid to show with brightly coloured outfits.

Look around you, is any of this true about the people you know who were born between the 20th of January and the 18th of February?


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