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Aries Giveaway- Win a Zaron 8pcs Brush Set

Like I mentioned HERE, this season is special to me. Hence, I will be giving out a few things all week to celebrate the season. First off is the Zaron 8pcs brush set.

The brush set contains a powder brush, a blush brush, a foundation brush, an eyeshadow brush, a contour brush, a lip brush, an angle brush and a mascara wand. This is basically all the brushes that a lady needs to have in her makeup kit when you are just starting to build your kit. It is also an ideal travel brush kit.

This is not a review so I won’t go indepth but, when you get the brush set, you will find a user’s guide that allows you to know what each brush is meant for and how to use it. It also comes in a pouch so you do not need to shop a brush pouch.

To stand the chance of winning, simply sign up to SoTectonic’s mailing list HERE! Our subscribers knew this already which is an added benefit when you join the list. It puts you at an edge and you get a lot of exclusives. So, start signing up and keep winning!Oma Ehiri

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