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As Inspired by Nature

Exploring the waterways from Ibefun to Itokin and the beauty of nature here in, it got me thinking of the level of poverty inherent in these communities. Though the trees may seem so green and the soil so fertile, the people were still living in poverty with very low income or no income families resident there. Thanks to organisations like Petrolex and Oladiran Olusegun Adebutu Foundation who have taken it upon themselves to develop these communities in any way that they can and to bring as many families as possible from the threshold of poverty.Ibefun

The greenery of the trees equally got me thinking of how we are so quick to envy the grass of another without knowing what it is that they are going through. The desire to have the life of another based on what we see on social media without taking time to reflect on what could really be their reality.Ibefun water ways

Like I said on my Instagram (@oma263) post which I think you should check out, just because the green on their grass can be so blinding does not mean it is productive. Therefore, you need to start appreciating your green and start making it work for you.

If you will like to contribute to the work that OOA Foundation is doing in its host communities, kindly visit to donate. Your donation can be the reason why a mother has access to clean source of gas or a child gets trained in school. DONATE HERE and add more meaning to the green on their trees!

Oma Ehiri


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