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Asoebi Style Inspiration from Chief Daddy Movie Premiere

“Asoebi is a uniform material worn by a group of people for an event”.

I was going to turn a blind eye to the many show stopping styles from the premiere of Chief Daddy. However, they kept haunting me, reminding me of my amazing Tectonic tribe who may need some asoebi style inspiration this season.

As you know, December is asoebi season. This is because, almost everyone has an event that they have fixed for this month. I hear Lagos traffic is not smiling at all and the heat is on another level. That is one of the signs the ‘I Just Got Backs’ are in town. What brings them in? Their sisters, cousins, frenemies and all is having a wedding, or they have a family celebration going down. Therefore, your favourite artists have jam packed the season with concerts leaving us with one too many options to pick from.

Back to my Chief Daddy movie premiere, nna mehn, these celebrities were not smiling at all. Yolanda Okereke said Mo Abudu knows how to bring back the AMVCA. Scratch that sis, the stars were overkilling it at this one. They probably wanted to make sure they left the year with something for us to drool over. Well, they sure achieved their aim.

These are some of the ladies whose looks you may want to cop to up your asoebi game this season;
Toke MakinwaToke Makinwa at the Chief Daddy Premiere

Aunty Toke was in for a murder them look. When I posted this on Instagram, someone said do not wear this to my wedding. I laughed in Spanish cos truth is, I just might. Too much for the bride, then she should be on my page getting this stew. Besides, if there is something I know for sure, the bride will barely notice what anyone wore until the pictures are out. Secondly, irrespective of what any guest wore, the attention never shifts from the bride. Best believe, she is where the guests go to spray their money not at the guest. So, give a sister a break!

Mo AbuduMo Abudu at the Chief Daddy Premiere

I know one will say I love black but what is there not to love? This is a really matured look. In all honesty, it is a rather simple but elegant one. The fabric does the speaking and her carriage does the rest. So, if your asoebi doesn’t have this vibe, it may not come out as cool as it did on her.

Rita Dominic

Rita Dominic at Chief Daddy Premiere

This was another stunner and really close to what Mo wore. No surprise though as it was made by the same designer, Lanre Da Silva Ajayi. Just like Mo, this look is a lot more about the fabric as it is about the style. I am really think of rocking this one especially as I do not plan to wear gele this season. I just need to reach out to my designer to get some of my fabric to the turban department and voila, I am ready!

Sharon Ooja

Sharon Ooja in ankara

Did your asoebi come in Ankara? Then stop whining and get on this. This look by Somo will definitely get you a stare and just ask your makeup artist to make you that top bow. The fastest way to get this look is by shopping the nature collection of Veba. It has those 2 in 1 designs. Click here to see what I mean and share with your designer.

Beverly OsuBeverly Osu as a wedding guest

I love Beverly’s look but, if your fabric is already busy, skip the frills and if it is not as busy as Beverly’s fabric, then go for this. The frills will definitely get that material to pop.

For the sake of this publication, I will stop at these 5 but if you will like to see some more, follow the hashtag #chiefdaddypremiere or just see what’s hot on our Instagram story. Enjoy!

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