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Felicita Ovadje

Felicita Ovadje is a certified freelance Makeup artist and hair stylist who operates Felicheetaartistry (FA) in Winnipeg, Manitoba. CA. She specializes in everything from skin care to Artistic makeup. Her aim is to share her love for the industry with the world through this platform. She aims to help individuals understand various sectors of the industry by discussing various beauty Trends, techniques and issues within the industry.To know more about the artist, @felicheetaartistry (Instagram and facebook) website:

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      Makeup Trends Every Lady Should try This Spring/ Summer

      Spring is almost over and summer calls. Here are a few makeup trends which we published last year and are still...

      Felicita OvadjeApril 28, 2017
    • Makeup Brushes For The Face

      Your makeup brushes are just as important as the makeup products that you buy. Using the wrong brush to apply a...

      Felicita OvadjeApril 6, 2017
    • All You Need to Know About Bronzers

      As an artist, I get asked a lot about what bronzers are for and why we need them. Hence, this post...

      Felicita OvadjeMarch 28, 2017
    • Beauty Habits Before The Big Day

      It’s a few hours to the AMVCA 2017. Everyone is ready to slay their dress and makeup but there are a...

      Felicita OvadjeMarch 3, 2017
    • Finding the Perfect Red Lipstick

      Growing up, I always thought that red lips was not a thing for me. Not until I became a Makeup Artist...

      Felicita OvadjeFebruary 10, 2017
    • Hair Removal Techniques

      Lately, I have been doing a lot of research on some hair removal techniques. Below is what I have discovered: Waxing:...

      Felicita OvadjeJanuary 9, 2017
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      Christmas beauty gifts for Her

      Hey guys! I hope everyone is having a great week and getting ready to exchange Christmas gifts as the days draw...

      Felicita OvadjeDecember 16, 2015
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      Do we need primers ????

      In the past we have talked about using primers but we have never dedicated an article to talking about its benefits....

      Felicita OvadjeDecember 3, 2015
    • How to match Your Foundation Color

      This week is all about about how to match your foundation color. A lot of ladies tend to test out shades...

      Felicita OvadjeNovember 26, 2015
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      6 makeup products for the Christmas season

      As the festive season creeps up and the parties start happening, we need to make sure we are glam ready for...

      Felicita OvadjeNovember 20, 2015