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AYAOBA promotes African beauty brands

 AYAOBA,  an online retail company based in Nigeria, has chosen to dedicate its store to the sale and promotion of African and indigenous beauty brands.It prides itself on the fact that Africa is its home thus, the need to showcase beauty products based in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and other countries within the continent, extending its presence to the global community.
AYAOBA offers worldwide delivery. The time for your product to get to you depends largely on what type of delivery that you opt for- Express or Logistics. The average delivery date are as follows:
* Within Nigeria: 1-5 days depending on the location* Countries in Africa: 5-7 days

* Rest of the world: 5-7 days

If we want AFRICA to GROW and PROGRESS, let us make a conscious effort to buy from LUXURY INDIGENOUS BEAUTY BRANDS!!!

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