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Baby Journalist Clinches the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

No matter how young you are, Samsung is committed to giving you the opportunity to explore the future today. This is how I choose to see the situation at the 2015 Women in Journalism conference where Samsung gave out a printer and a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge which was clinched by a baby whose mum was attending the conference.

It was a lucky dip but every time a name was picked, the people had a problem with the person picked and kept pushing the contest until finally, a name was announced and a woman leaped for joy.

While everyone thought it was the woman, we were told that the name called was that of her baby which makes the baby, the winner of Samsung’s latest and sleekest device, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

That baby has officially gotten her first smart phone even before she can conveniently use such a device. It is no coincidence, it is a manifestation of the slogan, Next is Now!

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