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Backup Cash: A Secured Way To Save, Earn & Shop

This post was initially published in December 2019 but updated in May 2020 to include relevant information.

Building an emergency fund is one of the financial lessons reiterated by the 2020 pandemic. An emergency fund is a savings fund that you can tap into when things get tough. Even when you assume that you have everything under control and may never lack, it is key that you start a savings account. One that allows you to earn interest while saving. For the purpose of this article, we will focus on saving money to get the things that you need even without a pandemic in view.

What is the best way to shop?

Shopping is said to be retail therapy and while I agree that it brings you some kind of joy, it is temporary. The only way that you can find actual fulfilment is when shop intentionally. This includes having a wishlist which should be contained in your budget and, you start saving towards each item using interest-earning savings account like Backup Cash.

What is Backup Cash?

Backup cash is a financial tool that allows you to save using a variety of features available on the platform. Unlike a commercial bank savings account, SFS Backup Cash or My Backup Cash as seen on their social media handles offers you up to 11% interest on your savings per annum. It is also the only savings platform that allows you to carry out your transactions via WhatsApp. This is in addition to the web platform as well as its application on Google Playstore.

Using Backup Cash on WhatsApp

This is the easiest especially if you use WhatsApp often. To get started,

  • Add this number, +18883699915 to your contact list or, click HERE.
  • Send the prompt message to the number and wait for a response from Cassandra (Cassandra being the name of the Chat bot).
  • Follow every prompt message that you get to complete your registration

One very important step in this is to ensure that you set a withdrawal pin which allows you to withdraw money from the system whenever you want to. The pin is not your ATM pin but if you choose to use that, that’s okay. If not, use something that you can remember.

Accessing Backup Cash via web

  • Visit or click HERE.
  • Put in your details
  • Click on sign up
  • Go to your mailbox to activate your account
  • Come back to the Backup Cash account to set your withdrawal pin and start saving.

In a minute, I will share which of the features to explore when saving to shop and how you can potentially earn more within the platform.

Backup Cash on Google Playstore

A lot of people love the idea of an application and Backup Cash has android users covered on Google Playstore.

  • Visit the play store to search for Backup Cash or click HERE.
  • Fill in your details and under referral code, please add this code- ‘f3b4242a’ (if you do, I earn points on the platform which you can do too when you open an account. You get 10points for everyone you refer which adds up eventually).
  • Visit your mailbox to activate the account.
  • Come back to the app to start saving.

The best way to plan a shopping spree using Backup Cash

The platform has 4 main savings options;

  • Instant save allows you to save on the go or as you earn. I recommend this for creatives and freelancers.
  • Steady save which allows you to automate your savings.
  • Locked savings which allows you to lock your money for a defined period of time and you get an upfront interest.
  • Backup Goals which is best used when saving for a specific item and will be our focus for planning a shopping spree.

Creating Backup Goals

Due to the way Backup Goal is set up, you can create several goals within the platform. In this case, you can either create a shopping goal based on the total cost of the items on your wishlist or budget. Or, you can create a different goal for each item, if you plan to shop each item in an order of priority. That is completely up to you.

What do you stand to gain using Backup goal?

Not only are you practising a savings culture which is very addictive and extremely rewarding, you also get to meet your savings goal in record time. Also, you get to earn additional income on the savings, thanks to the interest paid each day which could amount to 8% to 11% per annum.

Using Backup Cash on The SoTectonic Shop

Want to test this out? Why not take a look at SoTectonic Shop and see if there is an item that you will like to shop. Find one and start saving towards it. Just by signing up to Backup Cash, you get 5% discount when you are ready to shop. All you need to do is send an email to or send a WhatsApp message to 08158942776. You will be sent a code, allowing you to shop.

Last notes

Like I mentioned at the beginning of the year, this is the year to be more intentional about my finances. Hopefully, I can share how this has been working out for me soon. Get started and let me know how it works out for you too.

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