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Backup Cash: A New Way To Save, Earn & Shop

How to save for that item you love and still get interest on your savings.

Have you ever wanted to shop something so bad but couldn’t afford it? Well, I have many of those moments. I guess that is why some websites actually allow you to create a Wishlist. Not like I have ever used any of those but now, it is all beginning to make sense to me.

The idea of a Wishlist is to put together some of the things that you desire right? Many a times, you wish someone will get them for you and in other cases, when the money does eventually show up, you get the item. This is the case with a lot of the things that we actually shop. However, wouldn’t it be cool to intentionally save towards that item you wish to shop? This was the idea that came to mind when I found out about Backup Cash.

Backup cash is a savings and investment platform which allows you earn up to 13% interest on your savings per annum. The interesting thing about the product is, you could sign up using WhatsApp. The company has created a WhatsApp bot whom they named Cassandra. Cassandra acts as a savings assistant to everyone who seeks to register on the platform as well as all registered users. All you need to do is send certain prompt words and the bot will take action. After you register, you have several saving options including the backup goals which will be the focus of this discussion.

Backup goals allow you to create a savings goal and save towards it. In this case, we will say shopping wishlist. You can also chose to name it after a website which you will like to shop on like The SoTectonic Shop or, using the exact item you wish to purchase. Give yourself a start and end date and gradually save towards it. On your own, you can prioritise your wishlist if you have a number of items on there. As soon as you have sufficient money for the first item, you can go ahead to withdraw and shop. In the end, you get the item you want, you cultivate a savings habit and my favourite part, you get interest on the money saved.

At SoTectonic, we thought of how to give you that extra motivation especially for those who shop on The SoTectonic Shop. We have decided to give every shopper who registers using our code (f3b4242a), an additional discount. All you need to do is click here, send the message that appears to the WhatsApp bot (Cassandra), register and start saving. You can also do so via the website, www.mybackupcash.com and make sure to enter the code, f3b4242a.

Should you need any more information, let us know in the comment section. As for me, I will start off creating backup goals for my internet.

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