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Barcelona wins and so did their supporters!

We will like to say a big thank you to everyone who entered the ‘Predict & Win’ competition. It was quite an engaging moment and we are so happy that you could come on board.

We do organise things like this as often as we can to appreciate our blog readers and followers on our social media networks. Also, we get to reward active readers on the blog at the end of the year and that includes our social media accounts now. So, if you haven’t been following us or you haven’t taken to participating by leaving engaging comments, you still have a lot of time before our blogversary in December.

Before we announce the winners, we will like to say that we had to stick by the rules. We would love to reward everyone but our sponsors are watching and we need to encourage integrity. For the benefit of doubt, the rules were…..

1. Predict as many times but once every hour

2. your prediction/location/email address. For those on the blog, it was okay not to add your email address because before you submit your prediction, the system requires your email address.

We promise that there would be other give aways and if you want to be the first to know, all you need to do is subscribe cos they get the information first.

* Drum Roll*

The winners of the ‘Predict & Win’ competition are:

– @mum_zion on Instagram

– Stephen Dibal on Facebook

Congratulations guys! We will be in touch!

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