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Be Prepared: Shopping List For the Rain

It seems like the rain is around as it has been seen showering or coming down heavy in the past couple of weeks. I have had some not so good experiences with the rain myself (article for another day) but I guess having one or two things with me made it better than some who had none of those things. Out of the love I have for my blog fam, I am sharing with you some of the things you should add to your shopping list for the rain- Oma Ehiri

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It comes in different sizes; small, medium, big and even the really large ones. Ladies love the small ones which they can easily throw into their handbags. However, I advocate for the bigger ones especially on windy days. Though not convenient, they can withstand the strong wind better. 
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It may seem really old school but it covers better. 
There are quite a few colourful and beautiful ones as well. It can also be worn yet using an umbrella especially for those ones that do not have the hood. It is most advisable for people who  have to ride a bike in the rain to buy them but the ones with the hood. When you are done, wrap them and throw them into your bag. Don’t forget to dry them as soon as you can. 
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Rubber shoes: 
It could be slippers, sandals or covered shoes 
but the key word is, “rubber”. Put your fancy leather or suede shoes in your bag and you can wear them when you get to your destination. The rubber slippers are now made in fanciful designs as well. I own a few that I rock to the beach or just around the neighborhood.
Tomorrow happens to be the birthday of a friend, Sola. I should probably get her one of these as a gift. Happy birthday in advance girlfriend.
Any idea what more should be on the list? Please, share on the page…..

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