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3 Amazing Benefits of Honey for Your Health, Skin and Hair

Ore Adeyinka of My Honey takes us through the benefits of honey as well as how to spot original honey and recipes for the skin and hair.

Sticky and Sweet are 2 words that best describe the product in focus- honey. Beyond its texture and taste, honey has a lot of vitamins and minerals that benefit us topically and internally. Asides from the benefits of honey which we shared below, download the honey recipes by My Honey.

Honey is a sticky and sweet liquid produced by bees after they have sucked nectar from flowers. Click To Tweet

Benefits of honey

We have divided the benefits into 3 main categories, our health, our skin and our hair.

Health Benefits of Honey

Honey is a good probiotic which maintains microorganisms in our intestines. This makes it good for our digestive health. The anti-oxidant properties also reduce the risk of heart attacks, strokes and some types of cancer. Diabetic patients can use it in moderation as a sweetener since it has anti-inflammatory properties.

Benefits To The Skin

As a humectant, helps your skin absorb and retain moisture. It also helps to protect, repair and prevent skin damage due to its antioxidant and anti-microbial properties. In addition, honey has great anti-inflammatory and anti-irritating properties. Click here to download My Honey recipes. It contains a honey recipe for exfoliating scrub.

Benefits To The Hair

We have already established that honey is a good humectant. This makes it an ideal mask for hair that is dry and brittle as it aids moisture retention.

Honey is equally used for waxing. Click To Tweet

FAQ: What Affects The Taste, Texture And Color Of Honey?

The colour of raw honey ranges from light amber to dark brown and the reason is simple – Flowers. As we mentioned earlier, honey is made from nectar. Depending on the type of flower or foliage near the beehive, the colour of the honey will be affected. Variables such as the flavour, colour and consistency vary according to what flowers the bees are collecting their nectar from. This is also influenced by the soil, topography, and climate as well. Some farmers even intentional plant citrus fruits around their honey to give a distinct citrus taste.

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