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Benefits of Online Communities

News flash: You need online communities now more than ever before.

In the past few days, I have been basking in the benefits of online communities. From removing the restriction on my eCommerce platform by Facebook to finishing my Google Digital Skills program. In other words, I can now boast of a Google certification in Digital Marketing.

Online communities are virtual groups established with a purpose in mind. Usually, established organisations create communities to further their business goals and stay top of mind. However, many online communities with no form of affiliation to an organisation are now springing up. Platforms such as Facebook groups, WhatsApp and Telegram have made this a lot easier to operate. Some even use emails like Backup Cash (an online community which fosters savings as a culture by paying interest to users on their savings).

Before joining online communities, you need to clearly define what you as an individual wish to get out of it. This defines how you engage within the community.

Here are a few outstanding benefits of online communities;


Even for introverts, online communities are a safe place to start networking. Not to mention people who are stuck to their phones all day long. Now, you can use the phone to network and better position yourself for success.


Speaking of knowledge, I will be teaching a beauty community on how to establish an online presence using a blog. If you will like to attend, click here.

There are online communities that are tailored to different knowledge sharing while some have specifics. I know that with the AGS Tribe, they touch different sectors and industries during their peer sessions. For instance, I joined African Women In Marketing and they focus on marketing and communications. That was where I got the solution to my URL ban by Facebook.

Accountability partners:

Some online communities are set up to achieve certain challenges. In the past 2months, I have joined 2 accountability communities. One for fitness by Kays Fit Club and the other which you can call a study community. We started that sorely to encourage one another to get the Google certification. Right now, I am looking out for one that is not just tailored to one study program. You can be taking any course at all but checking in with your group to share your progress. Interested, send an email to

Providing solutions:

My favourite thing about online communities is knowing that you can find solutions. To be honest, if the community isn’t providing value or solutions, I am not interested. Shecluded is doing this for women now. They are helping female entrepreneurs to scale up by offering them credit facilities. Recently, they have been doing things around helping females scale up their knowledge to better position them for career growth.

Employment opportunities

Usually, this may not be the goal of the online community. Notwithstanding, by virtue of being in that community, you may find an employment opportunity. For instance, I have been in online communities where people say they are looking for someone to fill a role. However, they need someone within their community to endorse whoever they hire. If you have the skill set that they want, the job is yours.

I will like to read back from you. Let me know if you are exploring online communities and what your experience is.

Remember to wash your hands, stay safe and connect online.

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