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Best Sources of Vitamin C

One of the causes of cold sore is the lack of Vitamin C. People tend to go for orange as the only source of Vitamin C but there are other sources that are readily available to you.

Fresh pepper :

As we popularly know them as rodo, tatashi or chili pepper, fresh pepper contains nearly three times more vitamin c than orange.

Green pepper :

Green pepper is not just to give your fried rice some colour but, it provides Vitamin C.

Broccoli :

Personally, I think this veggie is ugly but it provides 132mg of vitamin c plus a punch of filling fiber for just 30 calories per serving.


Consuming papaya can help clear your sinuses, brighten your skin and strengthen your bones. A cup of serving delivers 88.3mg of vitamin c.


Asides from being a source of Vitamin C, strawberries help to whiten your teeth naturally.


Pineapples are great after a tough work out and it helps to break down food because it contains bromelain. Pineapples contain  78.9mg of vitamin c.


Mango is another major source of vitamin C. It plays a key role in immunity and additionally keeps your eyes clear. Mangoes, just like oranges are easy to access.

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