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Best Times To Get A Designer Fragrance

Ferragamo Emozione Campaign (2)Everyone wants a bottle of that designer fragrance in their wardrobe but sometimes, the prices can make you ‘cow’ away and just leaves you in that fragrance dream world, if you know what we mean. This post is determined at letting you know the best time you can get that designer fragrance you have always wanted at a more pocket friendly price.


When a brand is having animations at the mall or any place for that matter, be certain that the bottles come with an extra goody like the smaller bottles of the fragrance, maybe a product from one of the brand’s line or just some souvenir that makes you get the fragrance and many other things at the same price as you would have gotten the bottle in the stores but without all that goodies. Doubt us? Try The Palms Shopping Complex, Lekki today and visit the Ferragamo stand as they launched Emozione for women on Friday and the animation continues today which means you pick a bottle of 50 or 92ml and you walk away with a goody bag. If you are looking for a perfect gift for that special someone or friend, then this is your opportunity to get Emozione give you a package for them.


Stalk all the fragrance stores you can think of for that moment when they pop up some impromptu sales and promotions may be to celebrate a season or the store’s anniversary. It happens all the time and that will be a great time to get the designer fragrance you want at a more affordable price. You can keep refreshing our page throughout this month and we will be bringing you any information on sales, animations and promos of any designer fragrance that we get information on.


Unfortunately, we don’t have any of that around the corner now since we just celebrated Valentine and Easter. But, you can begin the count down to Christmas and start saving up for as many designer fragrance as you want because the prices are likely to go down at that time.

What designer fragrance are you looking to get?

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