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Bloggers’ Brunch at Pizzeriah with Nigerian Creators

Being a content creator is more exciting when you can share your journey with like-minded individuals. Individuals who understand the highs and the lows of the profession and are willing to help you win. That is what the Bloggers Brunch at Pizzeriah was all about.

Hosted by Tuke  Morgan, a lifestyle blogger, and saxophonist, the brunch had in attendance, Nigerian content creators living in Nigeria, visiting Nigeria and newly relocated to Nigeria. We compared notes with content creating in the advanced world. Especially with regards to working with brands and monetizing our platforms.

The Bloggers Brunch was definitely a place to let out all of your struggles. Everyone shared insights on how to tackle whatever bothered you so much. Nothing was off-limit. Even rate card details were shared as well as brands to approach. We also discussed the scariest thing on the mind of every blogger which is, is the blogging world going extinct?  I guess we can add the brunch to the list of ways to get motivated as a content creator.

It wasn’t all about the struggles. We also shared some major wins without feeling like we were in any competition. Everyone was excited to hear about a business or project that someone was working on as we cheered them on. One thing is certain, bloggers are finding ways to pick up every money on the table by building businesses outside of the blogging world. Now, that is a trend that you shouldn’t sleep on. Find a business you can thrive in and be your own influencer.

In summary, we had such an amazing time, chatting over pizza and drinks. Just out of curiosity, if you could be invited to these kinds of events, will you love to attend?

In Attendance;

Sky: Minimalist content creator and product photographer

Sandra: Natura hair content creator

Tuke: Lifestyle content creator and saxophonist

Oma: Lifestyle content creator and all-round businesswoman

Stephanie: Lifestyle and beauty content creator and professional Makeup Artist

Anu: Digital marketer

Nikki: Fashion content creator, model and founder All shades of Denim

Kachi: Lifestyle content creator

Valerie: Lifestyle content creator and marketing professional

Cassie: Model, communications professional, and lifestyle content creator

The Bloggers Brunch in Pictures


sotectonic_ani stephanie and Oma

Oma and Stephanie

sotectonic_oma and sky

Oma and Sky

sotectonic_kacheetee and tuke morgan

Kachi and Tuke

sotectonic_Nikki and Cassie

Nikki and Cassie

sotectonic_events in Lagos

Oma, Nikki and Cassie

sotectonic_lagos restaurants

Nikki, Tuke and Cassie


Oma, Tuke, Kachi, Nikki and Cassie

sotectonic_nigerian bloggers

Stephanie, Anu, Sandra, Tuke, Nikki, Kachi, Sky, Valerie and Oma

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