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Bridal Buzz: Destination Weddings- Less or More Expensive?

After visiting Europe in 2016, Oma Ehiri, the site director for SoTectonic, has been quite obsessed with having a destination wedding. According to her, it seems the best way to avoid all the heavy expenses that come with having a typical Nigerian owambe. For our non-Nigerian readers, Owambe is what we call a typical Nigerian party with the bands out, the DJ on fire, the guests in eye-catching asoebis (uniform materials sewn in varying styles) and the food, oh the food!!!!!

In this interview, Omotola Igbenoba got Oma to convince the listeners on the cost involved in a destination wedding as against the Owambe. She also speaks on the artistes whom she would love to be at her wedding if money was not a problem. By the way, while listening, we think we heard Oma uninvite Omotola from the wedding. You will have to listen in to hear how that plays out!

Click the link to listen in: Bridal Buzz Episode 4


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