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Bridal Buzz: Wedding Planners- Neccessity or Luxury?

With each episode, it gets even more interesting. On this episode of Bridal Buzz, Omotola Igbenoba had the opportunity of meeting with Adebanke Akinsunlola, founder of Banke’su events. Interestingly, we had profiled Banke earlier in the year which we would have brought back but then, this interview tells it all.

From the photos we see on Instagram, Banke has proven to be more than a planner to her brides but a friend. She is the planner that is also a fixer, trying to have your bra well hooked, your shoes properly strapped and your tiara standing firm. This doesn’t mean that other things aren’t taken care of as reports have confirmed that Banke takes the stress off the bride completely as she multi tasks at every single thing with the aid of her team.

In this interview, Banke reveals how she can help you cut cost and effectively help you manage your budget. Click the link to listen in: Bridal Buzz episode 3.

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