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A Bridal Hair Tutorial using Fibre Hair

Our Valentine special is a bridal hair tutorial.

With Valentine’s day comes a lot of proposals. Once you get past the proposal, the next step is to start planning the wedding day and that includes booking a hairstylist. However, not everyone can afford the fancy hair extensions or an expensive hairstylist. Moreso, it doesn’t hurt if you save the extra bucks from the day. I did my traditional wedding hair myself, yet it turned out good. If you want a tutorial on that too, let me know in the comment section.

Bridal Hair Tutorial with Fibre Hair

When it comes to fibre hair, I know that ST Hair & Beauty have the human hair style mix and the kanelon fibres. In this case, this is human hair style mix which means it is not 100% human hair but also not synthentic hair. It is an affordable option to looking glam.

I turned mine into a wig which I think is the best way to main this kind of hair extensions. However, this post is not about the care and maintenance of this hair but rather, how to use it in creating a bridal hair style.

Products Needed:

  • The hair extension as a wig
  • Bobby pins
  • Brush
  • Tail comb
  • Crown shaper
  • scrunchies or rubber bands


  1. Comb out the hair.
  2. Section a small part just from the side.
  3. Pack the rest of the hair in a low pony tail.
  4. Place the crown shaper under the ponytail.
  5. Use the hair to cover the crown shaper, holding in place with bobby pins
  6. Twist the section and pin in bits. This is best explained in a video which is why I have uploaded a tutorial on YouTube.

If you do try this, do let me know by tagging me on Instagram, @oma263 as well as @sthairandbeauty.

You can watch the tutorial below;


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