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British Council launched Alumni UK in NIGERIA

The British Council recently launched Alumni UK in Nigeria at a cocktail event held in Abuja, Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory. Alumni UK is the new global network for people from around the world who have studied in the UK as overseas students. By joining Alumni UK, the alumni can grow their worldwide professional network, continue learning and share experience and expertise with others.

The opportunities abound to develop careers and new opportunities for success. Within the Alumni UK, alumni can celebrate their connections to the UK and keep up to date with current information and activities.

UK alumni are among the most employable graduates in the world. Thirty-eight per cent of Noble laureates who studied abroad did so in the UK.

“This is a call to all UK Alumni to join us as we build the largest UK alumni community, connecting people who studied at any UK university and finding out how Alumni UK can help you achieve your goals,” said Mofoluwake Fadare, Senior Evaluation Adviser, SSA British Council.
Reasons to join the Alumni UK in Nigeria include the opportunity to:
– Attend exclusive industry events and masterclasses
– Keep learning for career advancement
– Find new opportunities
– Showcase skills on a global stage
– Connect with other UK alumni and build a vast network
“The programme offers a partnership – Alumni will be supported with their personal and professional development, and with making a positive contribution to the economic and social prosperity of their home countries. It will bring significant benefits to the UK through developing and supporting sustainable economic, scientific and cultural relationships and networks,” Farade added.


All international UK alumni from any UK university, on any course, in any year are encouraged to join. Those willing to join will need to have spent at least one term at a UK higher education institution enrolled on a credit-bearing course. This includes transnational or online education.

Registration / sign-on is free

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