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Brunch with Zaron

Zaron is one of the brands that I love for all the CSR work that they do. It is a beauty brand with a full range of makeup products and many more in the works but more than that, they seek to be a part of improving the society they operate in. One of which is the Widows Day.

This morning, the brand treated a few Makeup Artists, beauty bloggers and lifestyle influencers to tea, small chops, beauty talk and makeup products at EVE restaurant.Eve restaurant

After mingling and catching up with some of the trending social media topics, the EA Strategy, Planning & Performance of Zaron Cosmetics, Chioma Nwakwesi, welcomed us. She went on to tell us the reason for the brunch which was to get meet with some of the key influuencers in the industry and get feedback from us inorder to improve the Zaron brand. As we took turns to speak, expressing our delight and also disappointment, the CEO of the company, Ms. Oke Maduewesi, stepped in.Ms. Oke Maduewesi

In her very short speech, Ms. Maduewesi expressed her gratitude for what we have done with and for the brand over the years. She encouraged us to express ourselves freely about the brand as only then can the brand truly meet the demands of the public.

Very valid points were made by everyone present and I also got to learn a few things on strategy and branding. When I got the chance to speak, I focused more on the lifestyle than on beauty, thanking the brand for giving back to their society.Beauty influencers in Nigeria

There were a few things that came up which I will like to share with you in order to enlighten and inform;Zaron set

  • Zaron was established in 2011
  • Most of the Zaron products continue to evolve. What you knew 6 years ago is not what you have now. For instance, the brand has a matte foundation as opposed to the liquid foundation which you knew.
  • In 2 weeks time, the brand will make available foundation in darker shades as well as a new kind of powder.
  • The brand is looking at bringing back the kajal which they had many years back.
  • Zaron has professional brush sets, eye pencils, eye shadows, lip pencils, concealers, powder, foundation, lashes, lash glue and so much more. To see a wide range of what they have, stay glued to this page as we look forward to bringing you bits of what Zaron has in stores as well as a list of places where you can buy Zaron products.

I had a great time this morning and it was just what I needed to set the tone for the week ahead. I can’t wait to unbox all of my goodies and I can share that with you. Let me know what your favourite Zaron product is and I just might let you have it should I find it in my box. So, keep the comments coming!

Oma Ehiri

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